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Services for Teachers

Browser based tools and services that teachers can use to bookmark resources and post them to Google Classroom.

Tools for teachers

Create permanent links to online resources and include them in your lessons and activities.


Resource linking with clue Pony

One of the easiest ways to create a Clue Pony is to Login and use the free Generator to create a Clue Pony link from the URL of a resource that you have found

You can also use the Clue Pony Maker by dragging the text to your browser's toolbar. Then, when ever you find a resource anywhere on the web, click the toolbar link to post the URL of the page you're on to Clue Pony as a new, shareable link, ready to be added to your lessons and activities.


Clue Pony as a Community

Every time we receive a request for a new Clue Pony we'll check first to see if anyone else in the Clue Pony community has already created one for the resource you're linking too.

We want to create useful data about which resources Teachers find useful and share it with our publisher partners so that together the community will generate more of the resources teachers really want.


Share Clue Ponies with your Class

Login to Clue Pony with your Google Classroom or 0365 for Education Team credentials.

Once logged in you can use Clue Pony alongside the tools you use everyday to create engaging lessons and activities, safe in the knowledge that the contents of the page provided by the Clue Pony is checked to ensure the end point is still valid before the page is served to the pupil.