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Cluepony is an online service
for creating short, shareable & permanent links
to digital educational resources.

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How it works

  1. SUBMIT A LINK - Add the URL of your resource into our Clue Pony generator, click submit to generate a short link of your URL. Create your first Cluepony
  2. INCLUDE THE CLUEPONY IN MARKETING AND LESSONS - Share the link as an email or add it to your Google Classroom resources. Share a public Clue Pony
  3. SHARE TRUSTED RESOURCES- Educators and Creators can also make their Clue Pony public. This is a great way to share resources. Sharing and usage hisory is presented so educators can see the value their peers place in an online resource. Try it now!


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Resource linking

Clue Ponies are short links from long, forgetable URLS that you can edit and share.

For example, if you share link.cluepony.com/Ayd9YW instead of https://mathsmadeeasy.co.uk/gcse-maths-revision/ every click and share by you, your colleagues and fellow teachers is recorded.

The data is shared on Cluepony.com enabling the whole community to see which resources are trusted and valued.

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Smart linking for publishing teams

'Smart' links enable Publishers and creators of digital educational resources publishers to direct customers and learners to their resources based on device, geography or time.

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Data dashboards

Public Clue Pony dashboards provide at-a-glance insights and stats of favourite links to on-line resources.

Private dashboards are perfect for marketing teams who want to know how links are being used but without exposing their data to competitors.

Stop publishing 'hard' links to resources