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We have a simple vision. To create shareable, permanent links to the best educational resources in the world.

  1. SUBMIT A LINK - Paste the URL of your resource into our Clue Pony generator, click submit. Try it now!
  2. INCLUDE THE LINK IN MARKETING AND LESSONS - Share the link as an email or add it to your Google Classroom resources. Try it now!
  3. MEASURE LINK USAGE- Every Clue Pony link is recorded. Dive into the data to learn more and see which resources are used by teaching professionals Try it now!

Clue Pony is the easiest way to see exactly how digital educational resources are used. Including Clue Pony links in email and social marketing helps increase ROI on digital marketing spend.

Clue Pony Usage

Understand how Clue Ponies contribute to your content discovery and marketing ROI. Data driven reports and rankings help Publishers connect resources directly with educators.

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Usage Dashboards

Key metrics for Clue Pony links to educational resources.


Number of Clue Ponies you have created


High Impact Resources

Reports and charts describing High Impact resources



Number of Teacher-created collections in which your Clue Ponies appear



Total number of clicks from all sources and channels.

Common Questions

A Clue Pony is a shortened, permanent link to online educational resource. Teachers can share them with their pupils and fellow teachers. Post to Google CLassroom and other Educational portals.

Clue Pony links are permanent and safe. No more dead links or changes of final destination. Easily add them to the tools you use and see data about resource usage and link to similar resources.

Clue Ponies are perfect for including in marketing and resource metadata publishing. Every Clue Pony links back to the original resource on the Publisher's site. Every time a Clue Pony is clicked generates valuable data about how the resource is used and shared.